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We manufacture liquid explosive detection systems (LEDS) for use at security checkpoints. The EMILI series offers unprecedented liquid identification and liquid thread detection capability with emphasis on high throughput and ease of use. Substances are measured non-invasively through the container wall - the container remains sealed.

Airport security liquid explosive scanner


EMILI 3 is a liquid explosive detection system (LEDS) for use at security checkpoints and is classified by ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) as a Type B Standard 3 LEDS. EMILI units can also be used to detect drugs or alcohol in liquids - contact us for further information.

  • ECAC Standard 3 approved.
  • False alarms: <1% for waters,soft drinks & baby foods <5% for spirits, perfumes and body care products.
  • High throughput design.
  • Automatic container recognition.
  • Inspection time 1-3 seconds per bottle.
  • No regular maintenance, no consumables.
  • Touch screen based user interface.

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