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About Us

Our Company

The inventor of Emisens’ radio frequency & microwave sensing technology, Prof. Norbert Klein, remains actively involved and currently holds a position as Chair in Electromagnetic Materials at Imperial College London ( Emisens GmbH was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from Forschungszentrum Juelich in Germany, the largest interdisciplinary research centre in Germany ( research activities are about microwave-to-terahertz material characterization and sensing. Within Imperial College London, Prof. Klein is director of the recently founded “Centre of Terahertz Science and Engineering”, a new UK facility pursuing benchmark research in the area of electromagnetic sensing with focus on security and biomedical applications.

Emisens' Partners

Together with Emisens’ partners and major shareholders Link Microtek Ltd. in the UK ( and GLOBES Electronic GmbH&CoKG in Germany, Emisens develops, manufactures, and commercializes sensor products based on the patented microwave evanescent field sensor technology.

Our Products

Our products are modular assemblies of a multimodal evanescent field resonator, a tailored high-frequency analogue electronic module providing functionality and performance comparable to state of the art microwave network analyzers coupled with fast data analysis software, a database containing characteristic properties of a large variety of materials, and a user interface which accommodates the demands of non-microwave experts and commercial users.

Our dual mode sensor system is available for research projects or other academic applications and can be used for contact-free conductivity measurements of aqueous liquids, water and mineral content in plant tissue and food, water and alcohol content in petrol or contact-free conductivity and dielectric constant measurements of wafers and substrates for micro- and nanoelectronics such as silicon wafers, conducting polymers and 2D materials such as graphene.

Customer specific solutions for (industrial) sensor integration are available on request. In direct partnership with Imperial College London and Emisens’ UK partner Link Microtek Ltd, we are exploring new applications of the Emisens sensor technology. Emisens and its partners are open for research and developments partnerships with industry and research organizations worldwide.

Emisens holds Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2015 - EmisensISO2016GmbH or EmisensISO2016English (pdf 600kb)

We still manufacture earlier versions of EMILI, EMILI 2 & EMILI TS but advise our customers that EMILI 3 is the best performing version.
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