Security screening of materials and liquids

EMILI 3 could be a game changer

1st December 2016
EMILI 3 could be a game changer, as revealed during European Commission ordered airport trials at Malta and Alicante (Spain) International Airports during summer 2016
From May through August 2016 extensive trials of type B, C and D liquid explosive detection systems (LEDS) involving Malta, Alicante, Budapest, Dublin and Schiphol International  Airports were carried out by o&i Consulting ltd.

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EMILI 3 is a new liquid explosive detection system (LEDS) that has been rigorously tested by an independent laboratory and approved to the airport security industry’s highest level: ECAC Standard 3.
The EMILI 3 liquid scanner is a Type B LEDS as defined by ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference), which means that it is designed for non-invasive screening of individual, unopened bottles or other containers. Achieving ECAC Standard 3 demonstrates that EMILI 3 satisfies the most stringent requirements relating to threat detection and low false alarm rates.

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