Security screening of materials and liquids

EMILI 3 could be a game changer

EMILI 3 could be a game changer, as revealed during European Commission ordered airport trials at Malta and Alicante (Spain) International Airports during summer 2016

From May through August 2016 extensive trials of type B, C and D liquid explosive detection systems (LEDS) involving Malta, Alicante, Budapest, Dublin and Schiphol International Airports were carried out by o&i Consulting ltd. . As a ground breaking new concept of operation, liquid containers were checked by an Emili 3 unit placed in the loading zone of the X-ray conveyor system at a passenger checkpoint. In total, the 3 month lasting trials at Malta International Airport, which comprised over 29,000 recorded scans on one Emili 3 machine only, has revealed that this concept of operation is currently the most promising approach to deal with liquid detection in high throughput situations: According to a preliminary report given by o&i this concept was successfully implemented at Malta and Alicante, and high passenger throughput of up to ca. 180 passengers per hour and one liquid item per passenger was achieved without any additional staff requirement. Our own post- trial statistical analysis of the recorded scan date, which contain the time stamp for each individual scan, indicate that subsequent scans of items were performed every 6-7 seconds in the most busy periods of the trial, which confirms our claimed high throughput of up to 10 items per minute under real world conditions.