Security screening of materials and liquids


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EMILI 3 is a new liquid explosive detection system (LEDS) that has been rigorously tested by an independent laboratory and approved to the airport security industry’s highest level: ECAC Standard 3.
The EMILI 3 liquid scanner is a Type B LEDS as defined by ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference), which means that it is designed for non-invasive screening of individual, unopened bottles or other containers. Achieving ECAC Standard 3 demonstrates that EMILI 3 satisfies the most stringent requirements relating to threat detection and low false alarm rates.

The new scanner can identify the contents of an unopened container in as little as a second and is believed to be the fastest LEDS of its type currently available. Coupled with its ease of use, this exceptionally fast speed of operation minimises the impact on passengers and makes the scanner ideal as a front-end detection device for high-throughput lanes at airport security checkpoints.
As each container is placed on the sensor plate, the display indicates almost immediately whether the contents are harmless or a threat such as liquid explosives or their precursors, with ‘Pass’ shown on a green background and ‘Fail’ on a red background. On occasion, an orange screen will appear, requesting additional information about the item under test; the operator simply enters this via touch-screen selection menus to complete the process.

EMILI 3 employs a combination of patented dual-mode RF/microwave, infra-red and gravometric sensing technologies. Since no X-rays, high-power lasers, static magnetic fields or high voltages are involved, the scanner has none of the health-and-safety concerns associated with other types of equipment.
Measuring just 720 (H) x 540 (W) x 540 (D) mm and weighing only 25kg, the scanner has a small enough footprint to be installed on any table top, with no special services required, and there are no consumables to replenish.